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Resume Cover Letters

Most authorities on resume writing insist that when it comes to the cover letter, one should use engraved stationery to create the right impression. Just think how much time and effort you put in preparing the perfect resume for that special position. Wouldn't spending a little more on engraved stationery make sense.

According to "Rites of Passage at $100,000+" the definitive executive job search book by John Lucht:

Avoid looking tasteless and cheap.

Recent college graduates can get by with plain paper for their cover letter. You can't. Good quality stationery with your name, home address, and phone number is ideal. Monarch size (7 1/4" x 10 1/2") looks especially nice clipped to a standard size (8 1/2" x 11") resume, and if you boil your message down to attention-grabbing brevity, it'll fit on a Monarch page. Paper should be crisp, with rag/cotton fiber, in classic white or a very pale tint of grey or ivory. Ink should be black (or possibly grey, navy, or deep maroon).

Get both Monarch and standard-size stationery…mostly Monarch, because you'll use it for the "cover letter" that accompanies your resume (also for "thank you's", etc.). Envelopes, on the other hand, should be mostly #10 (business size), because they will hold your resume, in addition to your Monarch letter. Put your return address on the envelope flap, rather than on the front, because that looks more like truly "personal" stationery.

We agree with Mr. Lucht and he should know, being an executive recruiter for many years.

So cover letters are engraved letters of monarch size (7 1/4 x 10 1/2 inches) placed on top of your standard business size resume pages. We usually recommend that the cover letter be a different color than the resume pages (such as ecru cover letter with pearl white sheets for the resume) for it to stand out. In such cases a Crane's 32# kid finish paper stock with its 100% cotton rag content is the perfect choice.

For the resume itself we recommend Crane's Crest business grade paper which comes in the same or complimentary colors. A 24# weight is common, 28# is better and more distinctive. Similar stock should be used for the #10 envelope.

Here are four popular font setups for your consideration..
Sackers Gothic Tiffany
Name and address in Sackers Gothic Name and address in Tiffany
Sackers Roman Serlio
Name and address in Sackers Roman Name and address in Serlio

View more fonts on the font-typeface page.

Prices for selected items:

500 32# letters Monarch size with engraved name & address $265.00
1000 32# letters Monarch size with engraved name & address $395.00
500 #10 envelopes 28# with engraved address on flap $239.00
1000 #10 envelopes 28# with engraved address on flap $329.00
1000 sheets of 28# Crane's Crest for resume $148.00

Also, less expensive lighter weight Cranes Crest is available.

500 #10 envelopes 24# with address engraved on flap $177.00
1000 #10 envelopes 24# with address engraved on flap $246.00
1000 sheets of 24# Cranes Crest for resume $99.00

Prices are subject to change without notice.

If you care to email a request for quote we can return you an estimate by the end of the day. If you send your phone number we will call you for a personal consultation.