1819 E. Beverly Rd.

Milwaukee, WI 53211

Tel: (414) 962-2542

Old Bunde & Upmeyer letterhead Old Bunde & Upmeyer letterhead

early Bunde & Upmeyer letterheads showing our old address

Bunde & Upmeyer store

The interior of Bunde & Upmeyer's jewelry store, Pabst building.

Occasionally we get a call from out of state looking for records of the Bunde & Upmeyer Engraving Co. These people usually have an antique clock or piece of jewelry that is marked "Bunde & Upmeyer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin". They want to know the background on these pieces.

Unfortunately, I have have little information to give. We purchased the engraved stationery production division of Bunde & Upmeyer in 1959. The other aspects of the business, the jewelry and clock sales, we believe to have terminated at that time. I have no records of any activity prior to 1959. Nor do I have the ability to appraise any of these pieces. A reputable jeweler probably may know more.

Old image of Bunde & Upmeyer's building

Riverfront circa 1905 showing Bunde sign

What we do know is that Bunde & Upmeyer was founded in the 1880's and was the one of the premiere jewelers in Milwaukee at the turn of the century. It was the largest jewelry retailer in the state, and had an office in New York City dealing only in fresh water pearls found in the rivers of Wisconsin. It was run by Louis W. Bunde (1858-1936) who also ran a dental laboratory and a stationery business.